Artist's Journal

Fashion Friday

  • Today's theme caters to all you cat ladies, men who love cats, and cat lover's all around the world!  Let's celebrate the best holiday around, put our catty get-ups on, and boast in cheer for World Cat Day!   Samantha's Outfits:  Inspired by the cat woman, I chose to do a cream sweater cardigan, ... View Post
  • This Friday, we are representing all the twins out there..including Samantha!  We'd thought the theme of the week would be fun, and celebrating Samantha and her twin on the best holiday around!  Happy National Twin day!   Samantha's Outfits: Let me just say, this is the best theme of Fashion Fri... View Post
  • Welcome all, for the next segment of Fashion Friday!  We are happy to announce that this week we are featuring Lumberjack Day!     Samantha's Outfit:   Since, I am attending my 4th annual Country Thunder in Wisconsin, we figured that here at Susan Harbourt Designs, this week we would whip out ou... View Post
  • This week's #FashionFriday is Fashionably Fit!  We are here to show you what to wear for a fashionably fit outfit.  Since the summer is coming to an end, it is time to start looking your best for the rest of the year!   Samantha's Outfits:   I personally love the theme of the week. I do not get t... View Post
  • It is Fashion Friday once again!  This week, here at Susan Harbourt Designs, we will choose outfits that will make others happy! So hey, choose an outfit that will please others! Samantha's Outfit:   Today is all about making others happy and since it is Friday what better way to celebrate "Put ... View Post