Fashion Friday! Summer Solstice!

June 20, 2014

Summer is finally here, and so are the new bright colors of the season!  Here Samantha and Susan will show off their brand new hot summer outfits for 2014.

Samantha's Outfits:

I have decided to pair whites, tans, and yellows together to show off the bright summer colors off!  The outfit on the right is the casual yet chic day to day wear for the summer socialite.  With the tan wedge and tan bucket bag, the dress color is almost endless! In celebration of the summer solstice, the orange dress will scream warm weather. The outfit on the left is a formal trendy look, anyone can wear to a social gathering or night out with the girls!  I decided to pair white heels with a white bag to compliment the yellow summery tight dress for a classy look on the town. This look can accentuate the love of summer air. The outfits scream bubbly and cute personalities and welcome the first day of summer to anyone.  Both outfits are paired with the Grande Copper Lotus Necklace by Susan Harbourt Designs.  This is the perfect necklace that can fit with almost every outfit for each day of the summer. Enjoy!

Sam's Summer Style


Susan's Outfit:

I need multi functional pieces so this would be the perfect summer staple in my closet.  I can dress it up for going out to lunch with the ladies, or a dinner date with the hubby, I can make it casual for shopping or running errands around town.  One thing for sure I I always have a pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses to protect my eyes, a bottle of water to keep me hydrated, my Kindle fully loaded with all kinds of books for whatever suits my fancy, comfy and stylish Dansko sandals, a wide brim hat to keep those freckles from spreading, a card cause you never know when you will get a chill from the AC someplace, and a fashionable necklace from Susan Harbourt Designs to set the tone of the outfit!  This Grande Lotus Necklace is amazing because it can go from day to night.


Summer Go To Outfit



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