Fashion Friday! World Cat Day!

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Today's theme caters to all you cat ladies, men who love cats, and cat lover's all around the world!  Let's celebrate the best holiday around, put our catty get-ups on, and boast in cheer for World Cat Day!


Samantha's Outfits:

 Inspired by the cat woman, I chose to do a cream sweater cardigan, black pants, white tank, loafers, and a black tote to carry the multiple cats in.  I feel this will capture the entire essence of what I aspire to be.  Not only do I love cats, but I live for them.  Having four cats myself, I know how to look and what to do.  So I chose the outfit based on what I would personally wear on this glorious day.  I also chose to add the Forget-Me-Not Ombre necklace to add the little flare of summer to the ensemble. Cats are the best animals on the planet and it is time to celebrate their 9 lives.  Happy World Cat Day and celebrate with your cat tanks, and cat sweaters because today will be the best Fashion Friday I have to offer.




For more questions about Susan Harbourt Designs or "cat talk," please email

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Style Max in Chicago!

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Hi all!  We are very excited to be returning to the Chicago Style Max this weekend!  We are still busy with orders from the Atlanta AmericasMart early last month, but are so stoked to bring our A game to Chicago this week. The Style Max is a smaller venue, but this year I will be having help from Samantha.  This is Samantha's first wholesale show, and she has no idea what to expect quite yet.  After longs days of talking to buyers, and selling our products, I think she understand how rewarding each long day is, and have accomplished we both will feel.


Visit the website for updates and orders! or follow us for updates at the Style Max on Facebook at or


See you after this fantastic weekend in Chicago! 

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Featured Shop of the Week! Uncommon Goods!

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For these past two years, Uncommon Goods have been too kind and good to us at Susan Harbourt Designs.  We have remained a close and wonderful relationship with them.   To show how much appreciation we have for the Uncommon Goods family, we decided to feature them as our Featured Shop of the Week!  They not only help sell our goods, but they do a wonderful job helping artisans all throughout the nation.  


Uncommon Goods is an online store that helps many aspiring artists get their work out there.  The website sells home goods to jewelry to entertainment, if something is out of the ordinary, you can expect Uncommon Goods to have it!  One of the many fantastic things on the website is that the artists can tell the customers their interesting background and history of their business.  They are able to inform and entertain, where the customers are getting their gifts from. In doing so, the artists are able to build a bond with their customers. If you are looking for something different and you cannot find it at the local Target, then stop by this online store, and find something for anybody!


UG was founded in 1999 in Brooklyn, NY in hopes to feature unique designs and handmade gifts of all kinds.  Fun fact :  most of the products sold on the website are handmade, right here in the USA, and about 1/3 of the entire store contains recycled or upcycled materials.  Sound familiar?  Yes, Susan Harbourt Designs fits in both these categories and we love that UG helps support the craftsmanship of local and national artists.  UG is known for their loyal-ness to their suppliers, and support and love they have for small business owners, and handcrafted materials.  Not only does UG do all that was mentioned above, but they also sponsor non-profit organizations such as RAINN (anti-sexual violence organization), American Forests, Women for Women International, and City Harvest (strives to end hunger in NY).


Thank you, Uncommon Goods, for all the support and goodness you spread across the USA!



For more information about Uncommon Goods:





Current Hours: 


Mon - Fri 8am - 12am ET 

Sat & Sun 8am - 11pm E

By Phone: 888.365.0056

PS...Don't be shy and let them know that Susan and Sam sent you!

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Fashion Friday! Happy National Twins Day!

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This Friday, we are representing all the twins out there..including Samantha!  We'd thought the theme of the week would be fun, and celebrating Samantha and her twin on the best holiday around!  Happy National Twin day!


Samantha's Outfits:

Let me just say, this is the best theme of Fashion Friday.  I get to embrace my twinnyness every single day, but today people recognize it!  I have decided to go with a collective turquoise and carmel look.  My twin and I both own long maxi skirts and white t's so this outfit is just absolutely perfect for both of us to wear.   I have decided to wear a turquoise maxi skirt, white cotton top, carmel sandals, a beautiful carmel tote, with a pair of sunglass and sun floppy hat.  The entire ensemble needed a little extra flare, so I went with the more earthier looking jewelry that Susan Harbourt Designs has to offer, and that is the copper toned handmade bracelet, a ring, and earrings.  The bracelet is The Cari Cucksey of Cash Cari Labradorite and Copper Cuff and has a beautiful blue turquoise stone in the middle that complements my outfit wonderfully.  The earrings are the Textured Copper Tab Earrings, which match the bracelet and look nice together.  The last design by Susan Harbourt Designs is the Silver and Copper Spinner Ring.  All three items were chosen by my sister and I and are personally our favorites for this outfit.  Even though we are 150 miles away from each other, we still have the obligation to embrace this wonderful holiday, and coordinate our outfits!


To visit our Polyvore site, here is the link to view our past outfits :

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Fashion Friday! Happy Lumberjack Day!

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Welcome all, for the next segment of Fashion Friday!  We are happy to announce that this week we are featuring Lumberjack Day!  


Samantha's Outfit:


Since, I am attending my 4th annual Country Thunder in Wisconsin, we figured that here at Susan Harbourt Designs, this week we would whip out our country attired and flannel to go along with this special Friday's theme.  It so happened to be Lumberjack Day as well!  For my outfit, I have decided to go with the ever popular, flannel long sleeve that I could throw around my waist if it gets too hot out or just button it up when wearing it.  I have chose to go with acid wash high waisted shorts, and torn up/ washed capri jeans.  A pair of white converse, and a black fringe bag, makes the look chic, yet boho to cater to the country style theme.  I have decided to wear silver jewelry this week by featuring the Silver Forget-Me-Not Earrings and Silver to Black Stackling Ring set by Susan Harbourt Designs!  So wish me luck, while I prance around in my cowboy boots, and flannels this weekend, because it is going to be a bumpy ride!

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Featured Shop of the Week! Modern Boutique!

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Happy Tuesday! Welcome to Featured Shop of the Week! This week we are pleased to show off Modern Boutique!


Modern Boutique is a beautiful little shop located in New Jersey!  This shop has a unique selection of jewelry, accessories art and more. Truly a lovely store with something for everyone!  With names like Sorrelli, Brighton and Michael Stars, the shop carries high quality merchandise.  The boutique also features and supports artists and handmade crafters from all over the world like Susan Harbourt Designs!  



Dawn Simon is the owner , and founder of Modern Boutique!  This hidden treasure will help any woman become "modern" with all the new trendy jewelry and handbags.  If you are looking for something small to something big, I guarantee you will find it in this nifty little store.  So next time you are in the area, do not forget to take our advice and shop till you drop in Modern Boutique. You never know what you will find!  Do not be shy to search for your hidden treasure, in this beautiful little store!




In Person:  1603 Long Beach Blvd, Surf City, New Jersey 08008

Mon - Sat10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun10:00 am - 7:00 pm

By Phone: (609) 494-1699

 PS...tell Dawn that Susan and Sam sent you!

Fashion Friday! Fashionably Fit!

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This week's #FashionFriday is Fashionably Fit!  We are here to show you what to wear for a fashionably fit outfit.  Since the summer is coming to an end, it is time to start looking your best for the rest of the year!


Samantha's Outfits:


I personally love the theme of the week. I do not get to exercise often, but when I do I try to look good after I work out.  So I chose a purple and black color scheme, while also choosing what I want to work out in and what I want to wear for the rest of the day after I feel good from running.  I decided to pair the purple tank with black leggings and black sneakers.  For the rest of the day, I decided to go with black scallop shorts, and a purple flowy tank top with layers.  I also choose the Susan Harbourt Designs's Forget-Me-Not copper earrings! I figure why not go with the theme of summer.  I also chose a beautiful copper cuff from Susan Harbourt Designs.  The entire ensemble can be finished with a camel leather tote by Tod's D.  All the Forget-Me-Not's are super trendy, and affordable too!  What would you wear to look your best while getting fit?  


Susan is out on vacation so she will be back next week!

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