Look, that's me on NBC!

Recently I attended the Chicago Spring One of a Kind Show as an exhibitor and I was interviewed by Regina of NBC Chicago.  I was so crazy nervous.  I had to meet the crew at 6am which meant getting to my booth by 5:30 to prep it for the shoot.  I thought it was a good Idea to get some coffee on the way and chug it.  WRONG!  That only made me get overheated and jittery.  Add onto that the fact that the AC was not yet on at that time of the morning and I had to do stuff to get my booth ready. 

By the time the crew showed up I was jittery and sweating.  I looked like a drowned rat and stuttered all over my words.  The practice walkthru was as big of a hot mess as I was!  Somehow I took a moment to pause, pull up my hair so I felt more comfortable, and pulled it together (mostly) for the live taping.

Here is the new clip.  What do you think?  Have you ever been on live TV?  if so, how did you do?





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