About the Artist

Susan Harbourt is an engineer by training, an artist by accident, and a self-taught metalsmith by choice. One fateful night, scattered all over the floor were piles of lovely 90 year old copper wire that Susan and her husband Chris painstakingly removed from the walls of their home. Entranced by the beauty of the spiraling, copper, she picked up a few scraps and wove them into a bracelet. A spark was ignited! A passion was born in that very moment. Now Susan loves to experiment with a variety of metals and materials to see where her hammer takes her. There is an unequaled satisfaction in experiencing the magic of transforming a dismissive scraps of metal into amazing works of art. She primarily works in recycled sterling silver and reclaimed copper making an array of rings, necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks, and sentimental gifts.


  PS...for a little more insight on me, my shop, and my process,

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