Artist's Journal

  • Botanical Illustration #3

    The inspiration for this color palette was from¬†@colorcrushcreative. They are very tranquil colors like the ocean ūüĆä or sea glass. I was inspired buy thinking of a¬†mermaid's¬†tail.¬† ¬†What do these colors make you think of? The goal is for these drawings to help inspire new works for my¬†Blossom... View Post
  • Botanical Illustration #2

    Todays color palette was tricky for me. But I pushed thru and did my 30 mins of doodling as I said I would and in the end there were several little things I learned that made it worth it. Thanks to @flowers_nirvana for posting the photo from @lunaleaf0716 and @canva for the color palette generat... View Post
  • Botanical Illustration #1

    One of my resolutions for 2018 is to do botanical illustration drawings based off a color palette inspiration that is either from a photo, a flower, or a resource like Color Crush Creative. The drawing is to be free flow creative sketching coming from my minds eye to the paper.  It does not have... View Post
  • Today's theme caters to all you cat ladies, men who love cats, and cat lover's all around the world! ¬†Let's celebrate the best holiday around, put our catty get-ups on, and boast in cheer for World Cat Day! ¬† Samantha's Outfits: ¬†Inspired by the cat woman, I chose to do a cream sweater cardigan, ... View Post
  • Style Max in Chicago!

    Hi all!  We are very excited to be returning to the Chicago Style Max this weekend!  We are still busy with orders from the Atlanta AmericasMart early last month, but are so stoked to bring our A game to Chicago this week. The Style Max is a smaller venue, but this year I will be having help from... View Post