Fashion Friday! Happy National Twins Day!

, by Susan Harbourt, 1 min reading time

This Friday, we are representing all the twins out there..including Samantha!  We'd thought the theme of the week would be fun, and celebrating Samantha and her twin on the best holiday around!  Happy National Twin day!


Samantha's Outfits:

Let me just say, this is the best theme of Fashion Friday.  I get to embrace my twinnyness every single day, but today people recognize it!  I have decided to go with a collective turquoise and carmel look.  My twin and I both own long maxi skirts and white t's so this outfit is just absolutely perfect for both of us to wear.   I have decided to wear a turquoise maxi skirt, white cotton top, carmel sandals, a beautiful carmel tote, with a pair of sunglass and sun floppy hat.  The entire ensemble needed a little extra flare, so I went with the more earthier looking jewelry that Susan Harbourt Designs has to offer, and that is the copper toned handmade bracelet, a ring, and earrings.  The bracelet is The Cari Cucksey of Cash Cari Labradorite and Copper Cuff and has a beautiful blue turquoise stone in the middle that complements my outfit wonderfully.  The earrings are the Textured Copper Tab Earrings, which match the bracelet and look nice together.  The last design by Susan Harbourt Designs is the Silver and Copper Spinner Ring.  All three items were chosen by my sister and I and are personally our favorites for this outfit.  Even though we are 150 miles away from each other, we still have the obligation to embrace this wonderful holiday, and coordinate our outfits!


To visit our Polyvore site, here is the link to view our past outfits :


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