Fashion Friday! Put a Smile On!

Posted on July 11, 2014 by Samantha Oberholtzer | 0 Comments

It is Fashion Friday once again!  This week, here at Susan Harbourt Designs, we will choose outfits that will make others happy! So hey, choose an outfit that will please others!

Samantha's Outfit:


Today is all about making others happy and since it is Friday what better way to celebrate "Put a Smile on Day" and choose outfits that will make others laugh, smile, and have fun.  I have decided to go with the ever popular black and white retro striped top with light pink pants, a hot coral tote bag, and beautiful matching pumps.  These colors are everlasting and will hopefully make others happy with the bubble gum pop with a hint of black and white.  I have incorporated the Petite Blooming Lotus Necklace in Silver by Susan Harbourt Designs to offer summer and warmth to the outfit.  This outfit is perfect for a dinner with the ladies or a night out in the city.  Either way, make sure to Put a Smile On and have a thankful and beautiful Friday!

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