Fashion Friday! Fashionably Fit!

, by Susan Harbourt, 1 min reading time

This week's #FashionFriday is Fashionably Fit!  We are here to show you what to wear for a fashionably fit outfit.  Since the summer is coming to an end, it is time to start looking your best for the rest of the year!


Samantha's Outfits:


I personally love the theme of the week. I do not get to exercise often, but when I do I try to look good after I work out.  So I chose a purple and black color scheme, while also choosing what I want to work out in and what I want to wear for the rest of the day after I feel good from running.  I decided to pair the purple tank with black leggings and black sneakers.  For the rest of the day, I decided to go with black scallop shorts, and a purple flowy tank top with layers.  I also choose the Susan Harbourt Designs's Forget-Me-Not copper earrings! I figure why not go with the theme of summer.  I also chose a beautiful copper cuff from Susan Harbourt Designs.  The entire ensemble can be finished with a camel leather tote by Tod's D.  All the Forget-Me-Not's are super trendy, and affordable too!  What would you wear to look your best while getting fit?  


Susan is out on vacation so she will be back next week!


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