Copper Karma Wrap Bracelet Finds a Home!

, by Susan Harbourt, 1 min reading time

This weekend The I.D.E.A. Store of Champaign Urbana had a wonderful event featuring artists who make products out of recycled and reclaimed materials called Hatch.  I was unable to attend as a vendor this year due to that pesky foot surgery I just had, but my sister and her partner went as vendors on behalf of their shop Vintage Karma and displaied lovely items from a selection of artists at their shop.  Luckily, they represent Susan Harbourt Designs in their shop and had a collection of reclaimed copper jewelry items on display at the Hatch venue.

One lovely patron was soooo excited about her new wrap bracelet that she posted a photo of it just after she left!  How awesome is that!  Below is the photo she posted and the blurb along with it:

"Love my new silk and copper wrap bracelet I got at the Vintage Karma booth at HATCH Fest!"


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