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  • I have realized that there are so many wonderful celebrity items I have made over the years that I have not shared with I figured I would lump them all into this one post. Cari Cucksey of HGTV's "Cash and Cari" Renee Zellweger, She had me at Hello!   One of my favorite designers, Genev... View Post
  • Recently I had the great fortune to design a necklace that was to be given to Selena Gomez on the opening night of her Stars Dance Concert and then something for 9 of her VIP posse.  What an exciting thing that was!  I keep hoping to spot her or some of her friends wearing their necklace...let me... View Post
  • Iqbal Theba from "Glee"

    I am pleased to share with you this lovely photo of Iqbal Theba from "Glee", wearing a textured copper cuff bracelet by Susan Harbourt Designs. The copper is carefully selected from my stash of old reclaimed roofing copper and is hand formed and textured. If you love this design as much as he doe... View Post