What do Cookies, Coffee, Haircuts and Horseshoes have in common?

, by Susan Harbourt, 3 min reading time

What do Cookies, Coffee, Haircuts and Horseshoes have in common?

Well, for me cookies, coffee and haircuts are all things that are rare indulgences, much needed delights, uplifting mood enhancers if you find the right one!  I love a great cuppa joe (well a Latte actually) and I love a great haircut.  There are a lot of okay places to get coffee and haircuts out there, but it is very rare to find a GREAT one.  And as a busy mom who doesn't take the time to pamper herself like she should, it is thrilling when you actually come across someplace that makes you happy.  But today was my lucky day, and I am pretty sure it was because I was wearing my Lucky Horseshoe Necklace.


Today I woke up and my hair just would not cooperate.  You know that day when you realize it has been 6 months since you last had your hair cut, colored, and cared for.  I just felt frumpy and dumpy and blah.  To pick myself up I stopped off at my favorite coffee spot, Cafe Zojo, for a latte and a cookie treat.  They have the best latte's in the world, no joke!  When I need a little bit of mojo I stop off at Cafe Zojo and take a mini mental vacation while I sip my drink and nibble on a cookie.  Normally I would return to my daily mommy chores after that coffee break, but today was different.  Today I took a mommy break.  

Right around the corner from my coffee escape is a new hair cut spot, Bouffant Salon.  I peeked in the window and it looked full of fun trendy...but not scary trendy...ladies.  I stopped in and low and behold they had an opening right then!  Karma?  Destiny?  Serendipity?  Or was it the magic of my Lucky Horseshoe neckless working its charms?  Hopefully I was not looking soo bad that they felt I needed and immediate hair intervention, but if that was the case...I would not blame them!

I put my hair fate in the hands of the co-owner / stylist Hillary and pleaded for her help to break me out of the mommy-bob hairstyle rut I was in.  Working her magic with a razor in hand she went to work.  I took off my glasses and watched the hair fall around me....but I could not see my image in the mirror.  When the final reveal came I was so thrilled.  I had a new Do that looked cute with and without my specs, look cute flipped out or curled under, and looked hip and modern and different.  I loved it!


Before and Blah                                            After and Fun

Mother's Day is just around the corner!  Maybe it is time for you to put on your own Lucky Horseshoe necklace and indulge in some pampering yourself.  Or even remind your mom and or your mommy friends that she deserves a little time away from the nonstop sounds of "Hey Mom".  All of my jewelry come packaged in gift boxes so they are ready to give as a gift to yourself or someone special!   











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