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Behind the Scenes

  • Style Max in Chicago!

    Hi all!  We are very excited to be returning to the Chicago Style Max this weekend!  We are still busy with orders from the Atlanta AmericasMart early last month, but are so stoked to bring our A game to Chicago this week. The Style Max is a smaller venue, but this year I will be having help from... View Post
  • Susan Harbourt Designs is attending the big international wholesale show this week at the AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia!  The big travel by car was well worth it because we are getting all set up and ready to rock n' roll!  I am the nubbie here, and super excited to just soak in the atmosphere... View Post
  • What do Cookies, Coffee, Haircuts and Horseshoes have in common? Well, for me cookies, coffee and haircuts are all things that are rare indulgences, much needed delights, uplifting mood enhancers if you find the right one!  I love a great cuppa joe (well a Latte actually) and I love a great hairc... View Post