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Photography Classes

Taking and editing photos is an artistic process.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.

With the invention of digital cameras, amateur photography became one of my creative outlets.  I love taking photos and I enjoyed editing them to further communicate the emotions I felt at that time and place so I could share what I felt and saw with others.  Sometime around when I started having kids, I quickly realized I didn't have a spare hand or spare bag space to carry a camera, so my hobby was shelved. 

Then along came the phones with cameras built in...and they just keep improving.  I have rediscovered my joy of digital photography through my phones lens. 

But then there was the hurdle of transferring photos to my computer to my computer to edit.  All you parents out there know how that can become a deal breaker.  I just didn't have the time to sit at my computer and edit photos in-between the cooking, cleaning, driving, and general mom-ing of life.  At night I would crash in my chair and zone out while the guys sat on the couch and watched dude shows.

Thats when I discovered all of apps that let you edit photos directly on your phone.  I am a technology junkie and downloaded a bunch of apps.  While the guys watched History Channel or Speed Vision, I would edit photos.  I quickly narrowed my favorite apps down and found that I had settled on a workflow for how I edited my photos with consistent success.

I want to take all of my experimentation and share what I have discovered with you so that you too can edit your photos in a more creative and emotionally expressive way.     


More details on other Classes coming soon!

What does creativity mean to you?  I don't mean the dictionary approved definition, but more the personal feeling and embodiment of the word.  I have found that my definition of creativity has changed over the years.  I used to think it was something reserved only for fine artists.  I never identified as creative, until recently, when I redefined what the word meant to me and how I perceive it.  Now I assign feelings to the word creativity instead of just thinking of what it is.  Creativity is more than the act of turning ideas into reality.

Creativity is practicing the cycle of thinking, producing, sharing, and reflecting...over and over again.  Because of this, creativity is something that can be nurtured and improved over time.  It knows no limits besides the ones we place on it.  Please feel welcome to share your questions, comments, ideas, challenges, and creativity with me privately or in the comments below, on social media, or in my Facebook Group:  Susan Harbourt's Creative Space focused on cultivating creativity and nurturing joy.   

I believe that creativity lies within all of us.  Sometimes you just need a different perspective to help you see how creative you truly are.  I have designed my online courses to help you explore your hidden creative potential and develop the confidence to share this new found creativity with the world.  Mindset changing conversations paired with creativity enhancing skills can encourage us all to Bloom, Grow, and Enjoy!

Sign up below to be notified of when the next batch of classes will be launching.  In the message box, share with me what you would like a class on!




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