Yes, That's ME on TV!

, by Susan Harbourt, 1 min reading time

Today I was doing a quick sprint thru the grocery store gathering up some yummies for my troops and I had no fewer than 6 people randomly stop me and exclaim "Hey are't you the one that was on TV today?"  Oh my goodness, I was on TV and I was dumbfounded by all of these strangers who noticed me.  I live in the boonies, I don't have cable, I didn't see the TV spot, I was clueless, and now I was being recognized.  AHHHH....too much for this goofball introvert to take in.  Add to it that my soon to be 4 years old kiddo (who is very much the extrovert) took it upon himself to begin announcing to anyone and everyone that his mommy id famous she is on TV.  

How did I get on TV if I am such a recluse?  Well, last month the lovely local mommy blog Chambana Moms chose me as a "Mom to Know".  This caught the eye of the local TV channels afternoon "Lifestyle" talk show called CI Living.  They decided I would be a fascinating person to interview on location in my studio...what they did not know was that I just had foot surgery and I was feeling like an oompa loompa from all of the weeks of inactivity leading up to and following the surgery.  But knowing it was very much an honor to have this opportunity I said yes to the interview.  

Fast forward a few weeks and it was time for the interview to air...and HERE it is:


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