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, by Susan Harbourt, 1 min reading time

It is Tuesday, and you know what that means!  Featured shop of the week!  Next stop, Vintage Karma in Tuscola!  


Vintage Karma is a little shop that was created in 2007 in Pennsylvania by Laura and Ainslie.  However, they decided to move the shop to Tuscola, Illinois shortly after that, and reopened in April 2012.  Since then the tattoo parlor became a little shop for homemade goods and jewelry, and a place to get beautifully done tattoos that will last a lifetime!  The name Vintage Karma was created because of the meaning of each word. Vintage meaning something old, while Karma means the future result of a past action.  The words together bring the meaning of what the store has to offer.  It is a reflection of the artistic styles and the warming atmosphere that the shop feels like.  It is always a bonus that people love the name and it sounds pretty awesome, as well!

You might think Vintage Karma is just a regular tattoo parlor, but no way!  There are numerous handmade goods that is available for purchase.  You can find jewelry made by Susan Harbourt Designs, and other funky gift items that you can give to your loved ones.  Either way, I guarantee you will get a feel of the place and like the essence of the entire store.  Next time you pass this little shop on your way home in Tuscola, stop on by and look at what goods are available.  Maybe even get a tattoo from Ainslie or Laura!


Website:  http://shopvintagekarma.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/vintagekarma

In Person:  110 W. Sale St. Tuscola, Il 61953

Tuesday – Saturday

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Email: shopvintagekarma@gmail.com

By Phone: (217)253-2553

 PS...tell Ainslie and Laura that Susan and Sam sent you!


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