Silver Ripples Adjustable Length Necklace, Ombre

I am extremely fascinated by the pattern of ripples on the surface of water so much so that  could spend an hour or more daydreaming as I toss pebbles into the pond and watch the circles expand out, bounce of a surface and travel on in a new direction.  As an homage to that tranquil fascination of mine, I created this necklace to remind me of the quite peace I find watching those tiny waves traveling over the waters surface.

I am a busy mom, and I I love having versatile pieces in my wardrobe.  I strive to make jewelry that is versatile as well.  This necklaces is great because it is on a 3' cord that allows you to wear it as short as a choker or fashionably long.  It is made from 5 silver graduated loops cascading into one another.  The finish on this necklace is my Fade to Black Ombre with the center focal being the lightest element

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