Stephanie Drapeau Golden Ripples Necklace

The sky is a cloudless sapphire blue and the sun a golden ball glowing in the sky softly warming your skin.  You enjoy a picnic under the gently swaying branched of a weeping willow tree beside a tranquil lake, the moment is perfection. You stand and make a wish upon a pebble that this moment could last and toss it into the lake.  You are mesmerized by the golden reflections of the ripples on the water from your pebble and close your eyes.  When you open your eyes again, you are back to reality, was it all just a dream?  Then you look down and find a pebble on your desk and a shimmering necklace of golden rays around your neck adorned with a tiny blue droplet at the clasp…Perhaps it was not a dream after all?

This necklace was also gifted to and worn by the lovely and talented Stephanie Drapeau.

14Kt Golf Fill Chain and wire

Ripples cascading in diameter from about 1.5" to 3/4"

18" Chain


Hand formed and Hammered Overlooking the cornfields of rural Illinois.

Collections: All At Once, D - Necklaces, J - Ripples, Seen On

Category: eco, gold

Type: Necklace

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