Copper Oval Wrap Bracelet as gifted to Stana Katic of Castle

Own your own piece of Hollywood! This textured oval copper wrap bracelet was designed specifically for Stana Katic of the hit TV show Castle! How exciting is that, talk about a conversation piece! This bracelet will make you the envy of all your friends! Especially paired with the coordinating earrings.  

Copper has such a natural warmth and radiance about it that cannot be matched. I designed these versatile wrap bracelets, made from recycled copper and hand dyed silk lacing, to be that added touch of Boho-chic style to any outfit. They are just as lovely on bare arms in the warm days and as they are worn over long sleeves on those chilly days. You will find these to be your new wardrobe staple...if not even your signature item. Don't let the name fool you...these can be worn as a necklace like Nia Peeples has on Pretty Little Liars and to red Carpet events or even wrapped around a pony tale as a hair accessory!

Dimensions for the standard bracelet:

The copper focal piece is about 3/4" in height and 1.5" in length

The silk lace is just over 3 feet in total length

I have textured this bracelet and added a patina to enhance the designs. I finish it with a light jewelry grade lacquer coating to seal the copper so that it keeps the finish looking fabulous. Just like all of my items, it will come in a lovely gift box ready to give as a gift to yourself or someone you care about!

Matching Earrings are also available!

PLEASE remember that each item is handmade and may have some variations between the item you receive and the one photographed. As an engineer, I strive to make each item as consistent as possible....but as an artist I know each piece I make has a mark of its own just as we each have our own set of fingerprints. This is the true sign that what you have is an original handcrafted piece of art rather than a mass produced item.

Don't forget, Copper is the official gift for the 7th wedding anniversary!

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