The Freckled Fox is at it again!

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I love reading the blog "The Freckled Fox".  Not only is the author super adorbs and have amazing fashion, but she also takes amazing photos.  Since she is such a photog inspiration, she is offering a great giveaway of a Canon Rebel T3I.  Below is an excerpt from her post on the giveaway and you will want to get in on this one for sure!
Happy Monday guys! These group sponsor giveaway's are always so much fun because I get to really introduce you to a bunch of ladies (most of the time:)) that have been a huge support to The Freckled Fox, and that really want to meet and get to know you! The last time I got to scheming with my sidebar sponsors we gave away a Canon Rebel T3i, and it was such a huge success with you guys I thought that it would be an awesome item to give away again! Just look at this beauty: :)
Awesome right!? As I said the last time we gave one of these bad boys away, I literally get hundreds of emails from people wanting advice in starting a blog or a shop or even just wanting to take things to the next level, and having a DSLR camera can really help so much!! Even if you already have one or it's not really your thing, a back-up is Always a good idea and it would make an Amazing gift as well, so there:)

I'm the lucky one that gets to email the winners each time a giveaway concludes and give them the good news, and even though each prize is hand-picked and a treat to send off, something so big and literally life changing like this is so amazing to be able to give away. So now please click around a bit and say hi to these beautiful and talented bloggers and shop/business owners that have made this giveaway possible for you! 
Notes: The giveaway will run for ten days, the winner will be selected at random, contacted, and announced shortly after the giveaway concludes. Yes this is open internationally! The winner will receive the Canon Rebel T3i in a kit with an 18-55mm lens, a battery and a battery charger. Winner's entries will be verified before the public announcement. If you're interested in checking out all the amazing specifications of the camera, this is a great list though it's not the camera that you'll be receiving:) Enter below:
And that's it! As always, make sure that you complete each of the entries in turn or at least as many as you can to give yourself better odds at receiving this girl in the mail! Each entry is a new way to meet and support the bloggers who are bringing you this giveaway, and they're huge supports to me, so it's basically one big love fest that you should join in on:)

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