Flourish & Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation Volume 1

, by Susan Harbourt, 2 min reading time

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2104! I am so excited about the year ahead.

In 2013 I saw such amazing growth in my business and it forced me to really look at who and what Susan Harbourt Designs is. I would say it was the defining year that it went from a business to a brand. What does that mean exactly? For me it means a difference in perspective. When I was SHD the business I thought more small scale and internal about my planning like what do I want to make today, where can I sell it, am I covering my costs, what should "I" do?  As a brand I feel that I have to think more global and external by asking questions like what will my production schedule be this month, what collections do I want to create and when will the launch dates be, what markets globally do I want to expand into, what work can I let go of by hiring others to help,  is my pricing structure set up so that I can expand my wholesale area with the use of a rep and still make money, who do I want on my team to help me reach my goals?

This is the year that I will not let fear of growth hold me back. I am ready for it, but I know I need help. I feel so many questions that I need to ask are on the tip of my tongue but I am not quite sure what the questions are yet or who to ask.   I hope to get some valuable business coaching and guidance from the experts at Flourish and Thrive thru their Laying the Foundation program and that I will be able to find the right words to ask the questions and know the people to ask them to.    

One of the first steps towards the growth of my business I will make this year is by participating in the wholesale show, Chicago Gift Market, later in January. This event is forcing me to take and honest look at all of the items I make and decide what makes sense to keep, what items it is time to let go, and where they should be priced. From this fresh starting point I can see what the collections are that make sense to focus on developing this year and set their launces. It has been surprisingly empowering to look at my business in this new way.

I hope you all will be a part of my journey this year as I try to turn Susan Harbourt Designs into the brand and business I know it can be.



  • Great submission susan! I love hearing more about your biz and congratulations on your growth!! xo Tracy


    Tracy Matthews

  • Sounds like a plan and keep me posted of the journey. I wish programs like this were available in my younger days of wanting a business.


    Fred Heilich

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